23 September 2014

Breakfast at Boston Tea Party – Cheltenham

Are you sick of seeing pancakes yet? They're my favourite thing to eat for breakfast, what can I say? Having my Grandma's recipe for pancakes as my first proper blog post was a very apt beginning for What Naomi Wrote.

I took a few days off work last week to go and see my friend Cloey (Clo-banana) in Cheltenham. We went out for breakfast... twice. First we went to Boston Tea Party. I have blogged about this place before, but I wanted to blog it again, because this time it was off the charts ah-maz-ing. 

You know how much I love pastries, but after trying Cloey's pancakes last time, I knew what I was ordering before we even got there. I was served by a man with the bluest eyes, he was gorgeous (everyone was, actually). 

I explained to him my latest drink of choice – Americano with a dash of milk, iced. Although I paid an extra pound for this to be served in a glass with ice, it was so creamy and delicious I didn't even mind, and the service was fantastic.

Our food arrived promptly and was served with a smile. Cloey ordered the kedgeree – curried rice with smoked fish, topped with a poached egg and a generous serving of yoghurt. It was the perfect breakfast dish, so fresh, well-seasoned and full of good stuff – I'll be ordering that next time.
And then came my pancakes – four fat, fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup with two rashers of the saltiest, crispiest bacon perched on top. These came a very close second to the best pancakes I had in New York five years ago.

Have you ever seen bacon like it?!

I love going out for breakfast/brunch and Boston Tea Party might just be my new favourite place for it. For £9 it's a reasonable option for all budgets, and it has such a light and airy atmosphere with plenty going on, and so much food and drink to choose from. If my waistline wasn't at stake, I would be there every Saturday.



  1. Oh wow! These breakfasts look amazing! I love eating breakfast out - it feels like such a luxury!
    Jen xx

  2. This place looks amazing, the breakfasts looks delicious!
    sammy xx

  3. I always, always have pancakes if we go out for breakfast - and I'm always furious if I go somewhere that doesn't serve them, haha! This place looks amazing, if I'm ever in Cheltenham I will be searching it out.

    Totally Typically

  4. I am not sick of seeing pancakes seeing as they are one of the best foods ;) I keep making really awful ones lately though so dissappointing! And I can't believe you paid more for ice....but anyway it looks yummy I love iced tea and coffee xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  5. Oh my god this looks delicious, I need those pancakes right now!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog


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